About us

Hi guys, thank you for visiting this page.

I am a blogger and write about anything and everything. I have studied BAMS(Bachelor of Ayurvedic in medicines and surgery).

I decided to write this article when I was researching for air purifiers online. I came across more than 2000 results and choosing just 1 from so many options was difficult.

I realized I need to know in-depth about these products to select the best one for myself. So I started reading various reviews about these.

Reviews were helpful but heavy to understand i had to read multiple reviews on different sites before i could make the decision. And this is what made me write this article for you guys.

We have to invest hours researching and exploring various options to decide the best buy for us or our family.

And after all, once the product arrives and it doesn’t meet our requirements it kills our whole mood.

So its better that before we make the payment online we should be sure in our head that this is what we want to buy.

So began my journey of research and analysis. We have spent hours, in fact, months to research every possible option available for you guys.

We came across thousands of people reviews and understood that only two kinds of people take the time off their busy schedule and write reviews about a particular product on the internet.

Completely satisfied or dissatisfied. One product cannot meet everyone’s requirement and that is why we have multiple options.

We understood as human beings we all are connected and share almost the same experiences in most of the situations.

However, our requirements and expectations are different from each other. Some of us want to buy an air purifier for one reason and some for a totally different reason.

We also understood that some heavy medical jargon or terms could be very difficult to understand and unless we don’t understand something completely we cannot trust it.

So after exploring thousands of air purifiers and knowing every possible thing about them, we have built this site.

Here you will see the top 15 air purifiers you can buy online and use it happily with any complaints.

We have tried to cover everything about each product and written it in the simplest language so that you can relate your problems and get a solution.

We hope our site helps you to make a firm decision and all we wish is your problem to be solved asap.

Thank you and keep smiling! ?